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Welcome To House Painting Penang
Welcome To House Painting Penang2018-09-23T03:54:02+00:00

Painting is an art form. Getting just a fresh coat of paint from the painter next door, and hiring a premium painter to create art in your home, office or shop; both are different approaches to painting. One is art, the other is a chore. For premium house painting services in Penang, Malaysia, contact us at: +6016-4451719

Why Choose Us ?

Answers to most frequently pondered on questions are provided right here. Read up and have your doubts dispelled!

Do you offer residential and commercial painting services?

Yes, our services are available in both segments. Residential services include interior and exterior house painting; while commercial projects include office painting.

Which areas do you cover?

We provide house painting and office painting services all over location in Penang, Malaysia.

How do you prep a place before you start painting?

All areas of the place are covered with plastic and sealed by masking tape to avoid any splashing, by our painters. Once the preparations are done, the client is asked to observe the arrangement before the paint job starts.

Do you provide house painting ideas?

Detailed consultation is provided to clients and color scheme ideas are provided as per requirements. The client can test out sample paints if such a request is made. The final decision on house painting ideas will be reached upon through client’s consent.

Do you take your fee in advance?

No, we only take the payment once the work is done. Material costs in the ongoing project may be asked for, in advance.

Is your company insured?

Yes, we are insured.

How long do you take to complete a project?

Depending upon the size of the project, an accurate estimate will be provided before work is scheduled to commence.

?How do I get an estimate?

Simply call us at +60164451719! or email us at painter@ to talk to our sales team in order to get an estimate. For complex estimates, our team will have to survey or view the place before giving a ball-park figure.

On what basis do you give estimates?

Our experts factor in all the criteria of the job in the final estimate. Precise measurements of the area to be painted are taken. Ideas, schemes and color combinations are decided upon and the right choice of paints is finalized. Once the process is complete, we deliver a final estimate to the client.

?What is your policy on lead paint?

All our materials we use are of high-grade and environment-friendly. Usage of lead paint is abhorred.

?Once the job is finished; you just pick up and leave?

Once the job is done, we clean up the house and leave it as close as possible to the condition we encountered when we started. All paint-related mess will be cleared up.

?What about paint for future touch ups? Do you provide that?

Yes, we leave enough paint for touch ups with the client, on all projects.

?What do you do with the information I submit when hiring you?

All information that clients entrust to us is strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone but the contractor.

Why should I hire a professional service? I can paint myself.

Anyone can apply a coat of paint; but professional painters like us go through each step intricately ensuring the highest standards of quality. With our service, there is no room for mistakes.

Do you paint houses of any condition?

Yes, our expert labor can manage painting projects regardless of the state or condition of the house. If renovation is absolutely required to ensure quality painting service, our team will either assist or guide you through the process.

How do I get in touch with you?

“Our painter was brilliant and we were given more helpthat we knew we needed. What i liked about the service was prompt and make our house brand new and full of energy everyday.. Our painter understood us and helped us achieved what we wanted to do!”
Brian Lee, Display Supply
“Thanks for the painter help me and my familly repaint my house,i never been thru with so expert and reliable painter as House Painting Penang That gives us brand new looking home.Thank you.”
Felicia Eng, Dell

Don't worry, lets us caters your need and lighting up your house to brand new house!

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Contact Us


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